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Playlist files:

Leo Sayer - 'Til you come come back to me
Leo Sayer - Aviation
Leo Sayer - Darlin'
Don't wait until tomorrow (05).mp3
Have you ever been in love (11).mp3
Heart (stop beating in time) (09).mp3
How beautiful you are (06).mp3
Love Games (13).mp3
More than I can say (03).mp3
Never had a dream come true (14).mp3
Orchard road (07).mp3
Sea of heartbreak (02).mp3
Wounded heart (12).mp3
Your love still brings me to my knees (10).mp3
An Englishman in the USA (05).mp3
Ghosts (09).mp3
Lost control (04).mp3
Oh Girl (08).mp3
Takin' the easy way out (10).mp3
The end (03).mp3
The world has Changed (01).mp3
When the money runs out (02).mp3
Who will the next fool be (06).mp3
Work (07).mp3
Another time (08).mp3
Giving it all away (10).mp3
In my life (05).mp3
Long tall glasses (07).mp3
One man band (04).mp3
Solo (09).mp3
Telepath (01).mp3
The bells of St.Marys (03).mp3
Train (02).mp3
When I came home this morning (06).mp3
01 - hold on to my love.mp3
02 - you make me feel like dancing.mp3
03 - reflections.mp3
04 - when i need you.mp3
05 - no business like love business .mp3
06 - i hear the laughter.mp3
07 - magdalena.mp3
08 - how much love.mp3
09 - i think we fell in love to fast.mp3
10 - endless flight.mp3
01 - thunder in my heart.mp3
02 - easy to love.mp3
03 - leave well enough alone.mp3
04 - i want you back.mp3
05 - it's over.mp3
06 - fool for your love.mp3
07 - world keeps on turning.mp3
08 - there isn't anything.mp3
09 - everything i got.mp3
10 - we can start all over again.mp3
Let Me Know (09).mp3
Living In A Fantasy (07).mp3
Millionaire (05).mp3
More Than I Can Say (04).mp3
Once In A While (06).mp3
Only Foolin' (10).mp3
She's Not Coming Back (08).mp3
Time Ran Out On You (01).mp3
Where Did We Go Wrong (02).mp3
You Win, I Loose (03).mp3
02-Unlucky in love.mp3
03-The last gig of johnny b. goode.mp3
04-On the old dirt road.mp3
05-I will not stop fighting.mp3
07-Streets of your town.mp3
08-The kids grown up.mp3
09-Only dreaming.mp3
10-Another year.mp3
10 - Leo Sayer - Unchained Melody - Love Songs.mp3
01-Stormy weather.mp3
02-Dancing the night away.mp3
03-I can't stop loving you though i try.mp3
04-La booga rooga.mp3
05-Raining in my heart.mp3
06-Something fine.mp3
07-Running to my freedom.mp3
08-Frankie lee.mp3
09-Don't look away.mp3
10-No looking back.mp3
01 shake the hand.mp3
02 it hurts every time but we love it.mp3
03 the missing link theme.mp3
04 paradise.mp3
05 the only way to travel.mp3
06 the croak.mp3
07 you can't make an omelette without eggs.mp3
08 creation.mp3
09 eating.mp3
10 the mouth.mp3
11 takin' the brakes off.mp3
12 stand on your own feet.mp3
13 ant city.mp3
14 the missing link.mp3
15 the march of man.mp3

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